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Hydraulic Mobile Truck Lift(MCL380)

Hydraulic MobileTruck Lift(MCL380)


 Hydraulic mobile truck lift is the epitome of the revolutionary technological advances made in truck lifts in recent years. It is easily manoeuvred and stored when not in use. Quick to assemble means less time wasted is setting up to work under a bus, trailer, table top or tractor or earth mover.
 Powerful, portable lifts for when you need maximum lifting performance.

 Our mobile column lifts are ideal for lifting cars, trucks or buses. These robust  hoists have standard lifting capacities to 8,000kg (8 tonne) per column

 Mobile lifting is ideal for car, bus or truck services — particularly where workshop space is limited. This mobile lifts let you get the job done, and stack neatly once the job is done. Simply store them away — one set of column lifts takes up less than two pallet spaces.

 1.The columns are easily moved fo indoor or outdoor use.
 2.Ergonomic operation from any column and the individual selection of columns within the lift system and multi-funcitonal display.
 3. Precie synchronisation for continuous smooth movement.
 4. Quick cble connection and quick litng speed.
 5. 4or 6cube design mobile columns for flexible use-indoors.
 6. User-friendly operation throug selector buttons on master controller for individual,paired &synchronised operation.
 7.PLC control an rotating encoder provide continuous synchronisation of all columns.
 8. Adjustable liting forks accommodate the widest range of wheels without wheel reducer sleeves.
 9.Pallet jack allows easy movement of the columns.
 10. Heavy duty hrdraulic system and bearings on carriages provide efficient,fast &easy lifting.
 11. Communication &electrical cabes with double ends in "C" configuration cabelling allows easy entry and exit withou disconnectin cables.
 12. Independent mechanical locking system & emergency switch on every column provide highest safety assurance.

Technial Parameter:

       Modle        MCL380
       Capacity        32 Ton / 4 colums
       Liftng Hieght        1700mm
       Liftng Time         75-85 s
       Speed        21mm/s
       N.W        740kg

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